Payroll Software that supports you and your hive.

Payroll, VAT Returns, CIS Verification, Bank Reconciliation, Invoicing and much more.

At JustAccounts, we produce accounting software specifically designed to improve client relationships and speed up your processing to save time in the day for that extra cup of coffee.

We design and distribute an accounting platform which allows contractor accountants to run payroll, complete VAT Returns, manage client’s expenses and much more. Created to be tailored to the needs of both the accountant and contractor, the platform is completely white labelled and bespoke.

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Our main mission is helping our clients to grow fast, maximise their own time and resources and be ready to scale up when the time is right. We have always understood the value of the work delivered by accountants to the contractor community across the UK, and we are focused on continually helping our clients to establish better client relationships, automation, scalability and compliance.

What Do We Offer

We support multiple different accounting platforms to fit you and the way your business operates.

Umbrella & Payroll Companies

Take a potential client from a lead to processing them in payroll.

Bulk management of timesheets, intermediary reporting, pension integration and much more.

Limited Company Accounting

Manage the entire accounting process for your contractors.

Perform “cross-company” tasks such as payroll, VAT returns and bank reconciliations.

Construction Industry Scheme

Smooth management of construction industry contractors.

Track the status of client verification and submitting monthly CIS returns direct to HMRC.

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Our Software Modules

There are many different modules and features that our platform provides.
We are continuously adding to our product and fine tuning existing functions where we can!


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At JustAccounts we created a network of partners to bring you the best services and complement our platforms, also helping you offer extra services to your customers.

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