JustSwitch Announcement!

It feels like we have been waiting for ages to share this with you, but we can finally announce that we have a new feature coming called JustSwitch!

With the dreaded IR35 coming into effect in the private sector, many contractors will experience the need to change the nature of their contracts, leaving their limited companies for umbrella.

This will impact the way contractor accountants manage their clients and work for them, resulting in lengthy processes to swap contractors from limited to umbrella, and vice versa.

This is where JustAccounts will have your back!

JustSwitch will make our clients’ experience a piece of cake, streamlining the switch process and eliminating the contractors’ worries around being set on a ‘permanent’ solution.

How does it work?

JustSwitch is a new feature within JustAccounts that will allow you to switch your contractors from Limited to Umbrella and vice versa, without ever having to leave the software, or create long excel spreadsheets that need to be imported.

Even once you have changed to Limited or Umbrella, or Umbrella to Limited, if or when you need, you can still switch right back at any time, so it isn’t permanent and can be changed as easy as making that morning coffee!

JustAccounts are happy to say we are the only software provider to support the automated movement between Limited to Umbrella and back again an unlimited amount of times.

There will be a brand new JustSwitch dashboard, where you can easily view graphs and other data, including an overview of how many employees have been switched, and how many are ready to be switched, so you’re in the know at any time.

If you are already a JA client, JustSwitch will be available on Friday 14th February. Consider it our Valentine’s Day gift to you!

If you are not a client but would like to hear more about this feature and how it works with the system, call us on 01942 721 397 or email info@justaccounts.com